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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I here?
This is too big for this page, try our "Help" page.
What now?
Try our "Getting Started" web page.
How many square feet in an acre?
Always 43,560 sq. ft./acre
4 How do I make sense of all the information provided at this website?
A. Call our offices at 734-459-5040 for a consultation with one of our professionals.
5 How much could my current church, synagogue, mosque or worship facility be worth?
A We can meet with you for a tour of your facility to discuss possible valuations. Part of our services entail understanding your current situation.
6 How can I get everyone on the committee to agree with me?
A. Our powers are restricted to providing sound information in an easy to understand package, achieving goal congruence requires a team effort.
7 Make others understand that my opinion is the correct opinion?
A. Those powers may be outside our grasp but we are willing to listen!
8 Can we keep the same phone number?
A. A call to Ameritech with the current address & phone number plus the new address is all that is necessary to answer this question.
9 How much will these services cost.
A. A question we are happy to answer. Many of our services are priced on a menu item basis (hourly or fixed). Ask for a "scope of work" outline so both parties know the work/pricing parameters.
10 Is financing available?
A. Mortgages on properties are readily available to qualified buyers. Professional services and items with varying residual value are more troublesome. A conversation with one of our professionals may be the quickest way to answer this question.
11 If I work on relocating the congregation will I be guaranteed heaven.
A. Depends on a few factors. First, it helps if your religion believes in an after life (not all do) and secondly, the move has to occur with no hitches and below budget (truly divine intervention).
12 Are these really frequently asked questions or just humor?
A. A little levity helps all situations.