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Mission Statement

Religious Real Estate was formed to better serve the needs of religious organizations in metropolitan Detroit. It is estimated that 15% of all corporate assets in the United States are in the form of real estate. On a monetary level the percentage of assets for a religious organization is higher than this figure. Often the real estate holdings of a given congregation are their greatest asset. These facilities may go years without being valued.

We are here to assist religious organizations better understand their real estate options. As religious organizations mature their congregations undergo change, whether it be growing/shrinking, relocation of the membership base, adding worship extension facilities or adding social services. These changes can provide challenges as well as opportunities. Religious Real Estate offers a number of services that assist religious organizations in conquering these challenges and maximizing the opportunities. We can tailor our skill set to meet your needs.

One of our steps in helping your congregation achieve their goals is by providing a more liquid market for a comparatively illiquid asset, real estate. Because Religious Real Estate is in the real estate market on a daily basis, we know what congregations are in the buying mode and which are in the selling mode. We track the demographic information for the metropolitan Detroit area. While a congregation may only be in the real estate market every other decade, our participation on a daily basis provides you with the most up to date information.

The real estate market information is key to determining the value of your real estate assets. Religious Real Estate can provide estimates of real estate value based on our market activity. We will provide this service free of charge to your organization as a step toward building a relationship. Even if your congregation is not interested in relocating the valuation process can help in budgeting capital improvements and expansion plans.

Let us work together to efficiently deploy your congregation's assets to best serve your members.