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Move Management

If move management were easy then the process would only require renting a truck while buying a forest of cardboard boxes and packing tape. Unfortunately, the workspace revolution brought on by telecommunications, computers, and integrated office furniture has complicated the process. Without the proper planning your move could make Moses's 40 years in the desert look like a short term vacation.

The process involves the coordination of movers, cabling companies, telecommunications, printers and communication experts (plus possibly other trades). The movers are going to physically package all the items and relocate them to the new facility. They need to be labeled properly for deposit in the correct area of the new facility. The current or new phone system will need to be installed and yes, that means the phones need to be cabled to the central phone board. Depending upon the size of the congregation, a computer network may need to be cabled and installed. Printers and copier machines sometimes need to be properly handled so the warranties are not voided. Then all the minor details such as stationary come into play. After all, a move would not be successful if the new address were not communicated to all the current members.