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Effective Relocation

The physical act of moving requires the coordination of a few different organizations. The coordination of the moving company and the telecommunications company is just one of the examples of the different companies that are needed for an efficient relocation. Over the years, Bill Skubik has interfaced with these services to minimize the confusion involved with relocation. While, Religious Real Estate and Bill Skubik, do not receive any fee or remuneration for possibly suggesting the following companies over the years we have found we have found the following companies to be competent in their fields.
Moving Companies
Forest Walker
Stevens Worldwide Van Line
Phone 800-677-4410
3663 Elizabeth Lake Road
Waterford, MI
Relocating or buying a new telecommunications system is often a very trying decision. Due to the rapid advancement in technology the existing phone system is often outdated when relocation is contemplated, therefore purchasing new is often the best alternative. Once again, Religious Real Estate and Bill Skubik do not receive any fee or remuneration for suggesting the following companies but they do have the experience and a decent reputation.
Robert Mrozinski
Applied Voice & Data Source
Phone 248-601-1400 Fax 248-601-1844
1687 Hillcrest
Rochester Hills, MI 48306
The ability to close the sale or purchase of a religious facility is the objective and financing the purchase is at times necessary. Although, Religious Real Estate does not have any direct relationships with lending institutions, we are active in the sale of properties, which by necessity brings us into contact with lending institutions. Depending upon denomination and affiliation there are national organizations that will finance churches. Religious Real Estate can provide a list of lenders that are active in different communities. Religious Real Estate does not receive any fee or remuneration for suggesting a lending institution. If you are interested in this service please bring this to Bill Skubik's attention.