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Getting Started

Are you hearing these statements more frequently?
The only empty seats are at the rear of the worship hall!
I can't find a parking space!
The only open parking spaces are at the back of the lot.
The classrooms and meeting halls are all full.
These are some of the signs of a religious organization outgrowing its physical environment.
Religious Real Estate is familiar with these unmet needs. One of our objectives is developing a plan that helps you address your real estate needs. We can point you in the direction of better utilizing your current facilities or develop a plan for relocating. Relocation can entail buying a bigger existing facility or building new.

The building new program very much resembles an artist working on an open canvas. It begins with goal identification, what type of religious organization do we want to become. This requires defining the future size of worship facilities, classrooms, outreach ministries, social halls, possible schools, and recreation facilities. As the vision of the future church takes shape, we work to define the acceptable geography. What location best fits the current and future congregation? Freeway access may be key to bridging the gap between the current and future congregation.

The relocation from one existing religious facility to another religious facility is easier in that the universe of future homes is limited to religious facilities that already exist. We will work with the organization to define the geography that is acceptable for a possible relocation and then identify religious facilities that meet the criteria. Often this entails approaching congregations that may not be ready to sell or looking at renovating facilities that are not currently being used as worship entities (e.g. Office buildings, retail properties).

The starting point may be different for each religious organization but the common thread is an acceptance that the current real estate is not allowing the congregation to meet its worship goals. Religious Real Estate is there to help your organization attain its full potential.