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2400 E. Lake Lansing Road $475,000

  • Purchase Opportunity Complete church and parking lot is available for purchase (2400 E. Lake Lansing Road, Meridian Township, MI 48823). The property can use a East Lansing mailing address. The property is approximately 6.439 acres.
    Physical Description Church (seating for 175, fellowship hall, offices and classrooms) Church building was built in 1990.
    Sale Price   $475,000
    Church, Fellowship Hall, Office, and Classrooms
    The sanctuary, fellowship hall, kitchens, offices and classrooms total approx. 6,575 rentable square feet
    Sanctuary Description
    175 persons in chairs (47 ft by 46 ft). The sanctuary faces to the north with full height glass to bring in natural light and provide a view of the woods.
    Handicap Access
    The church is on a slab (no basement) with a zero grade entrance (i.e. no steps).

    Fellowship Hall & Kitchen

    Fellowship Hall
    The fellowship hall (30 ft by 47 ft) with multiple dividers for creating classrooms (up to 5) or smaller meeting areas.
    Two classrooms are located in the building in addition to dividing the fellowship hall. 
    Kitchen Area
    1 stove, 1 refrigerator, 1 freezer and four sinks (kitchen is located adjacent to the fellowship hall (with serving windows onto the fellowship hall) for ease in meal preparation and serving. The overall size of the kitchen is approx. 18 ft. by 12 ft.
    Storage Areas
    Due to the design of the buildings there are many storage areas.
    Pastor’s Office
    The pastor’s office is approx. 13 ft by 18 ft and is located next to the main entrance of the church.
    A one car garage building is located to the north of the church building for exterior onsite storage (15 ft by 17 ft).
    Parking Lot Description
    102 parking spaces in the parking lot to the south of the church building.
    Heating & Cooling
    The church has six forced air furnaces and air-conditioning units to heat and cool the entire building.
    The property is currently zoned residential. The property is adjacent to commercially zoned land along business I-69 to the north. A Costco is applying for rezoning in East Lansing along I-69 to the south of the property. The new Costco could change the nature of the businesses along business I-69 and Lake Lansing Road.

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  • Meridian Township: Fact Sheet

    Meridian Township was founded in 1842 with the establishment of a trading post along the Red Cedar River. The first township hall was built in 1868 (it was demolished in 1958). The current township hall is located at 515 Marsh Road. Meridian Township has developed 29 parks with over 904 acres. Lake Lansing (450 acres of liquid fun), largest lake within 25 miles of the State Capital is located in the township.
    32 square miles
    39,688 (2010 Census)
    Dwelling Units
    Household Income
    $55,203 (1999 )
    College Graduates
    60% of the residents over age 25
    Education & social services account for 22% of the total employment while retail and manufacturing each account for 12% of the total
    Fun Fact
    Haslett & Okemos are nestled inside Meridian Township, Some portions of Meridian Township can use an East Lansing mailing address
    Median Age
    35.4 Years
    Land Preservation Over 740 acres of land are preservation properties
    Largest Employers American Collegiate Marketing
    Michigan Dental Association
    Sparrow Health System
    Bavarian Motor Transport

    Riverfront Plaza State Capital Building
    Lansing Lug Nuts
    Colleges & Universities
    Michigan State University
    Lansing Community College

  • 2400 E. Lake Lansing Road: Utility Expense for 2015

    2015 ($)
    Lansing Light & Water
    Consumers Power
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by former Lansing Korean United Methodist Church and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer.

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Agent Information

Bill Skubik
Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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