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Ann Arbor Free Methodist Church $710,000

  • Purchase Opportunity The church and parking lot are for sale (approx. 3.5 acres). The facility is approx. 7,200 square feet (1951 Newport, Ann Arbor).
    Sale Price   Church $710,000
    Property Description
    The property was built in 1962. The main floor has the sanctuary, narthex, two classrooms, and single occupant bathroom. The lower level has kitchen, fellowship hall, classrooms, pastor’s office, bathrooms, storage and library.
    150 persons (including stage 48 ft by 48 ft) The altar is in the northeast corner of the building with a vaulted ceiling peaking over the altar. The main floor of the building has a zero grade entrance (i.e. no steps).
    The building has a boiler for warm water radiant heat.
    The kitchen has 2 sinks, refrigerator and freezer, and stove (with 4 burners). The overall size is 13 ft by 14 ft with a folding wall that opens onto fellowship hall.
    Fellowship Hall
    The fellowship hall is on the lower level of the building. The kitchen is adjacent to the fellowship hall. The fellowship hall is 45 ft by 30 ft.


    The building has four classrooms and a library (15 ft by 16 ft). The classrooms near the sanctuary are 12 ft by 30 ft and 25 ft by 13 ft. A nursery is located near the kitchen.
    The pastor’s office is on the lower level and is approx. 14 ft by 23 ft.
    Parking Lot Description
    The parking lot is 110 ft by 90 ft and can hold up to 44 cars.

  • Utility
    2014 ($)
    2015 ($)
    DTE (natural gas and electric)  7,073
    Water  1,147


    Total  8,220
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by Ann Arbor Free Methodist Church and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer.


  • City of Ann Arbor: Fact Sheet

    Ann Arbor is many things: county seat of Washtenaw County, Home of the University of Michigan, and Dominos. Two settlers, John Allen and Elisha Rumsey bought 800 acres in 1824 from the federal government. Both wives of the men were named Ann, with the arbor part of the name being a reference to the local forests. The town was named the county seat in 1827, incorporated as a village in 1833 and city in 1851.

    The University of Michigan landed in Ann Arbor in 1837 and has grown to be a major influence in the community. The city is circled by a beltway of freeways (US-23, M-14 and I-94). The community has great access to Metropolitan Detroit Airport in addition to the local Ann Arbor Airport.

    27 square miles
    114,024 (2000 Census)
    Household Income
    $46,299 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
    GPS Coordinates
    42.270 North 83.726 West
    Median Housing Value
    $181,400 (2000 Census in 2000 Dollars)
    833 feet above sea level
    Major Employers University of Michigan, Federal Government, County Government, Borders Group, ProQuest, Johnson Controls, Domino’s Pizza, NSK Corporation
    Attractions University of Michigan
    Cleary College Concordia College
    Eastern Michigan University Washtenaw Community College

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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