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Goodell Baptist Church $89,900

  • Sale Church is for sale, 282 Goodell, River Rouge
    Physical Description Church (seating for approx. 175, Kitchen, nursery, office, and classroom)
    Sale Price   $89,900
    Church, Kitchen, and Classroom Description
    The sanctuary, kitchen, and classroom total approx. 3,340 square feet
    Sanctuary Description
    approx. 175 persons (60 ft. by 38 ft.)
    Sanctuary Design
    The sanctuary faces east-west with an office for the pastor next to the altar. A nursery is at the back of the church (with window onto the sanctuary).
    Pastor’s Office
    Adjacent to the altar (approx. 12 ft by 12 ft)

    Building Renovations

    The roof on the west end of the building has been replaced in 2015. The east end of the building needs to be re-roofed (estimated expense $4,000). Forced air heat was added to the building in 2015. A supplemental furnace will be installed in the building’s kitchen (northeast corner of the building).
    Upper Floor
    Kitchen Area
    1 stove (4 burners), 1 refrigerator/freezer,and 2 sinks (kitchen is located on the upper floor next to a large classroom). The overall size of the kitchen is approx. 15 ft. by 11 ft.
    Fellowship Hall
    The building does not have a formal fellowship hall. The pews could be removed from the sanctuary and replaced with chairs. Then the chairs could be rearranged to accommodate tables for meals.
    Classroom Description
    One classroom adjacent to the kitchen is 15 ft by 20 ft located on the upper floor adjacent to the kitchen.

    Heating & Cooling

    The building has forced air heat in two locations (southwest corner and northeast corner of the building). The building has large window air-conditioning units to cool the building.
    The church has a parking lot on the east side of Goodell (approx. 100 ft by 91 ft). A sixty lot next to the church (south side) is owned by the City of River Rouge, they would donate it to the church.
    A sixty lot next to the church (south side) is owned by the City of River Rouge, they would donate it to the church. The house to the north of the church is available for purchase ($40,000). It is currently rented to a tenant.

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  • City of River Rouge: Fact Sheet

    In the 1700’s some French families from Detroit bought land from the Indians just below the River Rouge and began to farm. On February 19, 1891 this colony was given a post office as River Rouge. Henry Visger was its first president, when the village was incorporated in 1899. In 1922 the village was incorporated as a city.
    2.7 square miles
    9,512 (SEMCOG projected from 2000 census)
    Dwelling Units
    3,932 (2009 SEMCOG)
    Household Income
    $29,214 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
    Per Capita Income
    $13,728 (2000 Census in 2000 Dollars)
    Median Housing Value
    $45,500 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
    581 feet (measured at the Detroit River)

  • Utility
    2009 ($)
    2010 ($)
    2015 ($)
    DTE (for gas and electric on a budget payment plan)
    Total $3,264 $3,264
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by Goodell Baptist Church and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer.

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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