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Liberty Temple Worship Center $150,000

  • Purchase Opportunity The complete property is for sale, church building, fellowship hall building and annex. The campus totals approx. 31,000 square feet.
    Sale Price $280,000 1228 East Seven Mile, (Annex building)$150,000 1300 East Seven Mile, (Main church building)
    Property Description
    The properties are described as follows
    (approx. 25,750 square feet in size)
    Sanctuary Capacity
    925 persons (pews and choir stand). The sanctuary is approx. 130 ft by 72 ft.
    Choir Stand
    45 persons
    Seating Design
    23 rows of pews with pews with three aisles
    Baptismal Pool
    Located at the rear of the altar
    Classrooms & Nursery
    The balcony was renovated to include 9 classrooms and the nursery. The nursery has a window onto the sanctuary and half bath.
    Book Store
    Located directly adjacent to the main entrance
    Handicap Bathroom
    Located directly adjacent to the main entrance. Entrance to the sanctuary contains no steps.


    Four offices are located throughout the building. The pastor’s office is on the main floor (20 ft by 24 ft). It has a fireplace and half bath.
    Broadcast Capabilities
    A complete sound room is adjacent to the altar. The sanctuary has the lighting in place for a television broadcast. Duplicating facilities are present in the balcony.
    Four apartments are located on the second floor facing onto Seven Mile (2, 2 bedroom units and 2, 1 bedroom units) with great interior finishes, corian countertops and modern appliances.
    Heating and Cooling
    The sanctuary is heated by a boiler (steam heat and is currently broke and needs to be replaced) with supplemental air conditioning (air conditioning units have been vandalized). The rest of the building has forced air heat and air conditioning.
    Annex Building
    The annex building (1228 East Seven Mile) is located directly across the street from the church building (1300 East Seven Mile). The building is 58 ft by 50 ft.
    Fellowship Hall
    The fellowship hall first floor is 38 ft by 38 ft.
    The kitchen has 2 sinks, a freezer and refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and 2 ovens. The overall size is 9 ft by 17 ft.
    Second Floor
    The second floor is wide open and 58 ft by 50 ft. Currently, it is configured as a children’s church.


    A one car garage with a roll-up door is part of this building. This is a great amenity for the pastor.
    Both buildings have attached fenced parking lots. Together they hold approx. 120 cars. Small sheds are present for security personnel.
    Heating and Cooling
    The building has forced air furnaces that provide heat and air conditioning.

  • LibertyTempleAerial
  • Utility
    2008 ($)
    2009 ($)
    DTE (formerly Detroit Edison)
    DTE (formerly Mich Con)


    Total $61,220 $64,785
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by Liberty Temple Worship Center and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer. The above expenses also include the utilities for 1346 E. Seven Mile (which is no longer part of the sales package).

  • Pastor Hart came to Detroit in 1954 for a tent revival but stayed to found the Liberty Temple Worship Center. This humble beginning was the foundation for building the ministry. The church building is a former theater and was purchased in 1956. The fellowship hall building was built by Liberty Temple Worship Center in 1972. The annex building was added in 1984.

    The current church campus includes three buildings totally up to 36,400 square feet in three buildings. The Liberty Temple Worship Center has a sanctuary that seats over 900. The television ministry allowed the church to reach additional thousands. It is Liberty’s hope that a new congregation will be able to build upon this foundation and continue god’s work in the neighborhood.

  • Detroit (French for strait) was founded as a French outpost 1701 by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. The initial settlement of Fort Pontchartrain occupied an area of approximately one acre. The French ruled the area until 1760, and then the British until 1796 when the Americans took over as a result of Jay’s Treaty.
    The city was incorporated in 1815 and expanded over the years until today’s boundaries were established in 1926.
    138.70 square miles
    951,270 (2000 census)
    Dwelling Units
    410,027 (2001 SEMCOG)
    Household Income
    $18,742 (1990 Census in 1989 Dollars)
    Per Capita Income
    $6,766 (1990 Census in 1989 Dollars)
    383,716 (1995 SEMCOG data)
    Median Housing Value
    $25,300 (1990 Census in 1989 Dollars)
    581 feet (measured at the Detroit River)
    Detroit is Largest City in the State
    Anchors the seventh largest metropolitan area in the Nation
    Largest Private Employers Daimler Chrysler
    General Motors Corporation
    Henry Ford Health System
    Detroit Medical Center
    American Axle
    Cultural Attractions:

    Detroit Symphony Detroit Red Wings
    Detroit Tigers Detroit Lions
    Fischer Theatre Motown Museum
    African American Museum Detroit Institute of Arts
    Colleges & Universities
    University of Detroit-Mercy, Wayne State University, Center for Creative Studies, Wayne County Community College, Detroit College of Law

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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