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Saginaw Valley United Pentecostal Church $2,500/month

  • Rental Opportunity The complete property is for rent 6740 Dixie Highway (2.25 acres), Bridgeport. The church owns three lots to the east of the church along Dixie Highway. The property directly adjacent to the church, 6750 Dixie Highway is a 1,000 square foot ranch that is currently used for the kitchen and classrooms. The church is approx. 11,200 with a 2,400 square foot fellowship hall/high school church (steel structure building).
    Physical Description Church Sanctuary (seating for approx.400 fellowship hall, offices, and classrooms)
    Rental Price $2,500 per month
    Church, Fellowship Hall, and Classroom Description
    The sanctuary, fellowship hall building, and classrooms total approx. 13,600 square feet (11,200 square foot church building, 2,400 square foot fellowship hall building, 1,000 square foot home with kitchen)
    Sanctuary Description
    approx. 275 persons in chairs with another 20 seats possible on the altar. The balcony can add seating for another 75 (currently used for the sound board). A baptismal pool is at the rear of the altar.
    Kitchen Area
    The church currently uses the ranch house to the east for a kitchen.  A kitchen can be created by converting the conference room (15 ft by 22 ft) in the church office.  
    Fellowship Hall Building
    60 ft. by 40 ft. with a cement floor and gas heater. There is plumbing to the building for the eventual installation of a kitchen and/or bathrooms. This building doubles as the high school education wing.
    4 classrooms are spread throughout the church building. The largest two are (26 ft by 13 ft). The nursery 22 ft by 15 ft has a half bath in the room.
    The pastor’s office is approx. 13 ft by 16 ft with an adjacent office for the secretary and then an adjoining conference room. The pastor’s office has its own entrance onto the church hallway and church parking lot. The church office has its own half bath.
    Handicap Access
    The church building was built in 1998 with a handicap ramp to the altar. It has handicap bathrooms and no steps (other than to 2nd floor sound room). The fellowship hall building has a zero grade entrance (no steps).
    Parking Lot Description
    74 parking spaces with 8 handicap spaces
    Heating and Cooling
    The church building is fully air conditioned with forced air furnaces. The fellowship hall building has a gas heating unit.
    Sale Order
    The owner wants to sell the church and fellowship hall building and then sell the additional three properties. They can all be purchased in one package.

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  • Bridgeport Township: Fact Sheet

    Bridgeport has its own demographic identifier (GNIS ID 2393346) within the Charter Township of Bridgeport. It is commonly referred to as a suburb on the east side of Saginaw, Michigan.
    8.3 square miles
    6,950 (2010 census)
    Dwelling Units
    3,136 (2000 Census)
    Household Income
    $45,691 (2000 Census in 2000 Dollars for 48722 zip code)
    Per Capita Income
    $18,041 (2000 Census in 2000 Dollars for 48722 zip code)
    Median Housing Value
    $71,082 (2000 Census in 2000 Dollars for 48601 and 48722 zip code)
    Notable People
    Monty Brown, linebacker for Buffalo Bills & New England Patriots, attended Bridgeport High School

    David Haas, author and composer of contemporary Catholic liturgical music, born in Bridgeport

    Latitude 43.2134
    Longitude 83.5254

  • Utility
    2015 ($)
    Consumers Power (provides gas and electric)  18,104 16,911
    Water  1,461 1,252
    Total $19,565
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by Saginaw Valley United Pentecostal Church. The buyer of the property will have utility expenses based upon their use and utility unit expense.  Saginaw Valley United Pentecostal Church uses the building six days a week and five nights a week.

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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