Berea St. Paul United Methodist Church: Site History

A storefront mission was established in 1920 at LaBelle and Lincoln, and with this years of work began toward a permanent church. Dr. Merton S. Rice, of Metropolitan, became interested in the mission, through the efforts of Rev. Soloman W. Bankhead, and for many years gave an annual lecture as a fund-raiser, all proceeds going toward the mission. A temporary building was provided by the United Methodist Union, the mission paying the costs of moving. In 1941, the congregation of the mission moved into its new church, now named Berea Methodist Church.

Meanwhile, Memorial Methodist Church of Highland Park sponsored the Ada L. Upson Methodist Episcopal Church, which was dedicated in February 14, 1914. In 1919, the church severed its relationship with Memorial and proceeded to build a new church, dedicated as St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church, December 1919. Continued growth required a larger church, so a new church at Joslyn and Eason was completed in 1926. In June, 1970 a uniting service was held bringing the two congregations in organization, spirit and resources. The hope is the new owner will be able to bring renewed purpose to this property.