City of Highland Park: Fact Sheet

The first known settler was Richard Ford who built his cabin upon the highland for which the town was eventually named, a ridge later leveled when Woodward Avenue was put through from Detroit. It was then some six miles northwest from the city. Judge Augustus B. Woodward bought the ridge in 1818 and platted the village of Woodwardville in 1825. His plans failed as did those of Judge Benjamin F Witherell who attempted to found a village on the site in 1836. The settlement was given a post office as Whitewood on February 12, 1873. The post office was renamed Highland Park on June 27, 1889.

The successful promotion of the town is credited to William H. Stevens and Henry Ford's building a factory here in 1909. This settlement was incorporated as a village in 1889 and as a city in 1917.

 3 square miles
 16,746 (2000 census)
Dwelling Units
 7,249 (2000 census)
Household Income
 $17,737 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
Per Capita Income
 $6,928 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
 Services account for 29% of the total employment while manufacturing accounts for 16% of the total
 Highland Park Community College