City of River Rouge: Fact Sheet

In the 1700's some French families from Detroit bought land from the Indians just below the River Rouge and began to farm. On February 19, 1891 this colony was given a post office as River Rouge. Henry Visger was its first president, when the village was incorporated in 1899. In 1922 the village was incorporated as a city.

  2.7 square miles
  9,512 (SEMCOG projected from 2000 census)
Dwelling Units
  3,932 (2009 SEMCOG)
Household Income
  $29,214 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
Per Capita Income
  $13,728 (2000 Census in 2000 Dollars)
Median Housing Value
  $45,500 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
  581 feet (measured at the Detroit River)