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  • Welcome to Religious Real Estate

    Religious Real Estate was formed to bring the best practices in the real estate industry to religious organizations. Our organization brings years of experience in commercial real estate that includes assets sales ranging from $107,000 to $51,000,000 for property types that range from vacant land to industrial buildings to office buildings. While each real estate transaction is unique, there are actions that are repetitive and essential to all real estate transactions.

    We are applying the best practices of the real estate industry in a structured environment geared toward accommodating the “unexpected” to bring projects in under budget and on time. The opportunities for religious organizations are ever expanding. Charter schools and faith based initiatives are just the latest in the expanding universe of opportunities.

  • Religious Real Estate was formed by Bill Skubik in 2000. Bill Skubik has over 17 years of experience in commercial and religious real estate. Past clients include the United Methodist Church, Free Methodist Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod/English District) and New Life Bible Baptist Church.

    Bill Skubik brings the sophistication needed in the commercial real estate market and applies these principles to religious real estate. His portfolio of past sales range from $100,000 to $52,500,000. Past sales include residential land, office buildings, industrial properties and retail properties. This broad range of real estate types allows for “thinking outside the box” when approaching your real estate needs. The value of any given piece of real estate may be primarily the land, its building, or its value to an adjacent parcel.

    Bill Skubik has an undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of Michigan (BSMME 84) and a graduate degree in Business from the University of Michigan (MBA 89). These technical skills are applicable when evaluating financing options.

    Many church facilities located on the corners of prime intersections and while the land may have been originally zoned residential, its highest and best use may now be commercial. A thorough investigation of these relationships is one of the first steps in calculating the value of a given parcel or building. Our experience with commercial real estate and residential land sales (bulk acreage) create an experienced background that is valuable on a day-to-day basis.

  • GrowingChurches-wphelpingpatienceReligious Real Estate in the Chicago Tribune – 9/13/15

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222