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19351 Edinborough Rd $250,000

  • Purchase Opportunity Former school building and parking lot are for sale. The building totals 45,000 square feet on two floors. The property is a complete city block bounded by Edinborough, Annchester, Vassar and Cambridge roads.  The parcel is 3.14 acres.
    Physical Description of Building The building is a former Detroit public school. The building is in need of renovation. 
     Redevelopment  This is an opportunity to redevelop a complete city block on the west side of Detroit.
    Sale Price $250,000
    Gym and School Description
    Approx. 45,000 square feet with the first floor being slightly bigger than the second floor
    The auditorium is in the northwest corner of the first floor and is 51 ft by 43ft with a slopped floor and stage.  The auditorium contains folded seats bolted to the floor.        
    Handicap Access
    The main floor has no steps.


    The gym is approx. 60 ft by 40 ft with the kitchen at the south end.  On the north end are lockerrooms and entrance to the classroom section.  The gym doubles as the cafeteria with fold down tables built into the wall.
    Kitchen Area
    A full service kitchen (28 ft by 19ft) is located at the south end of the gym.  A half bath and storage rooms are located off the kitchen.
    The fenced courtyard is created by the horseshoe shape of the building. The courtyard can be access from the first floor.
    Multiple offices are located throughout the building.  Office areas are on the northwest and northeast sections of the building.    
    23 classrooms are spread out over two floors.  The science classrooms have water at some desks.  The library has a fireplace.
    Parking Lot Description
    A fenced playground is located at the south end of the building.   
    The building needs extensive renovations.  Many of the windows have been broken.  The roof leaks in many places.  The copper piping and wiring has been removed.  The ceramic toilets and drinking fountains have been destroyed.   
    Heating and Cooling
    A boiler a heats the building.  It has been years since the boiler has been operational.


Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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