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Belleville $1,675,000

  • Purchase Opportunity Complete church and parking lot is available for purchase (16650 Sumpter, Belleville, Michigan). Approx. 34,000 square foot church on 19.51 acres)
    Physical Description Church (seating for 400, gym, fellowship hall, offices and classrooms)
    Sale Price   $1,675,000
    Church, Fellowship Hall, Office, and Classrooms
    The sanctuary, gym, kitchen, offices and classrooms total approx. 34,000 rentable square feet on a land 19.51 acre parcel
    Sanctuary Description
    400 persons
    Sanctuary Design
    The sanctuary (approx. 68 ft by 64 ft) has pews of varying sizes at angles to the altar (there are two areas at the rear of the sanctuary for additional chairs). The baptismal pool is at the rear of the altar.
    Fellowship Hall
    Located near the sanctuary (41 ft by 38 ft) with an adjacent kitchen.
    The gym (approx. 108 ft by 65 ft) is located at the west end of the building. A kitchen area is located adjacent to the gym (great for hosting banquets). A men’s and women’s locker room with shower are adjacent to the gym. The gym was designed to double as a sanctuary. A stage is on the west end with a baptismal pool hidden beneath the floor. If the gym were converted to a sanctuary, the seating could approach 600 to 700 members. A running track circles the gym on the second floor. It is slightly less than 20 laps on the running track to equal a mile.
    Six offices are located throughout the building. The Pastor’s office is 21 ft by 16 ft with a full bath. The pastor’s office has its own one car garage with access to the office. The first lady’s office is approx. 20 ft by 18 ft with a full bath.
    9 classrooms are located throughout the building. One of the larger classrooms on the second floor has its own boys and girls bathrooms.
    A There are two kitchens in the building. One (18 ft by 18 ft) adjacent to the gym and another (11 ft by 22 ft) adjacent to the fellowship hall.
    Handicap Access
    The majority of the main floor is on one level with minimal steps and ramps to serve the public area. Staircases and an elevator serve the second floor of the church.
    A nursery area is adjacent to the gym with a changing room and glass panel onto the gym.
    Pole Barn
    Located at the rear of the parking lot, the pole barn is approx. 40 ft by 80 ft with a cement floor.
    Parking Lot Description
    206 parking spaces in the parking that surrounds the property.
    Heating and Cooling
    Multiple forced air furnaces (plus at least one boiler) and cooling units are located throughout the building. The complete building is air conditioned.
    The property is approx. 19.51 acres

  • BellevilleAerial

    Community of Belleville: Fact Sheet

    The Belleville Community is a diverse community of approximately 42,000 residents. The Belleville Area Community is made up of the City of Belleville, Van Buren Township and Sumpter Township, all sharing the 48111 zip code. It is home to Wayne County’s largest inland lake.Belleville Lake is seven miles long and covers 1,220 acres (640 acres to the square mile). The City of Belleville occupies 2 square miles of land area with over a mile of lake frontage. In 1926, Van Buren Township (named after the eight president of the United States) underwent transformation when the electrical dam built at French Landing by Detroit Edison changed the narrow Huron River into a 7-mile long lake. At this time the community became a resort area for city dwellers.The City of Belleville is located within the center of Van Buren Township.
    74.70 square miles in Belleville, Van Buren and Sumpter Township
    42,361 (2010 census Belleville, Van Buren and Sumpter Township)
    Per Capita Income
    $13,559 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
    Fun Facts The railroad came to Denton in 1838 and to Belleville in 1881
    Van Buren Township was created out of Huron Township

    Belleville Area Museum Lake Belleville


Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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