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Biblical Faith Ministries $375,000

  • Biblical Faith Ministries: Offer Page

    Sale Opportunity The church is available for sale         (20118 Schoolcraft, Detroit). The church section can be purchased with the 2 story section to the east (approx. 19,533 square feet) or without the two story section (approximately 11,545 square feet). 
    Sale Price  


    $375,000 for the complete end cap of the block (with the 2 story section)  

    $300,000 for the single story church eastern section 



    Property Description
    The church section is approx. 11,545 square feet in size.  A small second story section is above the main entrance on the east side of the building.  The west end of the building has a two story (3,528 square feet per floor) that can be separated eastern portion of the building.      
    Sanctuary Capacity
    225 persons in the current configuration of pews (audience and choir stand, sanctuary size is 88 ft by 66 ft). The overall size allows for the addition of chairs that increase the seating to 280.
    Baptismal Pool
    A full immersion baptismal pool is at the side of the altar. Changing rooms are on each side of the pool. The pool is clearly visible to the entire congregation.
    Sound Room
    50 An elevated room is at the rear of the sanctuary. The owner keeps his sound board in this room.
    2 offices are located at the north side of the sanctuary. A pastor can use one of the offices (12 ft by 12 ft)
    Handicap Access
    The main floor is at grade level (no steps). Two handicap bathrooms are near the main entrance.
    The narthex is surrounded by three classrooms. The narthex (30 ft by 20 ft) has been used as a serving area with seating in the classrooms and rear of the sanctuary. This arrangement allows for tables seating 125.


    3 classrooms are located on the main floor.
    Parking Lot Description
    32 parking spaces including 3 handicap spaces for the complete parking lot that wraps arount the north side of the building.   
    Heating & Cooling
    The building has forced air heating. The sanctuary is air conditioned.

  • Biblical Faith Ministries Utility Expense for 2019 & 2020

     2019 ($)
    2020 ($)
    DTE Electric
    DTE Gas
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by Biblical Faith Ministries    and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer.

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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