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Christian Life Center Church $1,200/month

  • Lease Opportunity The owner is looking to share the building with other churches, daycare operators or a school.  The property includes the church building and grass lot on the east side of Moeller (109 ft by 163 ft measured from the street to the fence at the rear of the property) (2146 Moeller, Ypsilanti Township). The footprint of the building is 201 ft by 113 ft.
    Lease Price  $1,200 to $3,000 per month for church users with the price depending upon the space rented in the church and service times
    Church, Fellowship Hall, and Classroom Description
    The sanctuary, fellowship hall, and classrooms total approx. 40,000 square feet on two floors
    Sanctuary Description
    approx. 600 persons on the first floor in the pews and altar. The sanctuary is approx. 79 ft by 79 ft. The balcony has four rows of pews (with seating for another 200) and holds the sound board. Also a projection booth is at the rear of the balcony for projecting images and scripture onto the screen at the rear of the altar. A baptismal pool is at the rear of the altar and is clearly visible to the entire sanctuary. A crying room with a viewing window onto the sanctuary (14 ft by 16 ft) is located at the rear of the sanctuary.  Currently, the sanctuary is not available for rent.
    Fellowship Hall Description
    Fellowship Hall
    approx 88 ft by 39 ft across from the sanctuary at the northeast corner of the building. The kitchen is adjacent. Storage rooms and offices open onto the fellowship hall. The fellowship hall has a beautiful wooden ceiling.
    Kitchen Area
    1 stove (2 ovens and six burners) and 4 sinks (kitchen is located adjacent to the fellowship hall). The overall size of the kitchen is approx. 20 ft. by 13 ft. with an additional L shape for freezers and refrigerators.
    Children’s Church
    60 ft. by 37 ft. with with a stage on one side. This room is located beneath the fellowship hall. An office for the youth educational leader is located next to this room.   
    Handicap Access
    The main floor of the building has a zero grade entrance (i.e. no steps) and a handicap bathroom is located on the main floor. The second floor of the church does not have handicap access.
    Possilbe Daycare Locations
    There are over 15 classrooms spread throughout the building. Many of classrooms are double sized. The nursery on the main floor is two rooms connected that are each 25 ft by 35 ft. The high schoolers retreat is 25 ft by 57 ft. The building has a boardroom for church leader meetings (12 ft by 20 ft). Large classrooms (25 ft by 46 ft) can be divided into two classrooms.  This is a great area for a daycare operation or school.
    Multiple offices are located throughout the building. The pastor (14 ft by 15 ft) and first person’s office (16 ft by 10 ft) with a full bath is located on the 2nd floor. A pastor’s lounge (24 ft by 21 ft) is located on the first floor across from the entrance onto the altar of the sanctuary. Offices on the second floor are designated for the church treasurer and secretary.  Offices are available for renters during the church’s normal business hours.
    Located on the first floor (25 ft by 22 ft) across from the sanctuary.
    Parking Lot Description
    The on site parking lot has room for 84 cars.  A outdoor playground area could be created in the parking lot.
    Former School Use
    The building had a charter school for a tenant (New Beginnings Academy).  We would love to have another school in the building.  
    Heating & Cooling
    The building has a boiler for heat and is fully air-conditioned.
    Possible Outdoor Playground Area
    The church owns the grassy field on the east side of Moeller.  The grassy field could be converted to an outdoor playground for the daycare operation.

  • Christian Life Center Church Utility Expense for 2017 and 2018

    2017 ($)
    2018 ($)
    DTE Electric
    DTE Gas
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by Christian Life Center Church and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer.

  • Ypsilanti: Fact Sheet

    In 1809, three French explorers built a log structure on the west bank of an Indian trading post and was one of the earliest structures in the vast, sparsely populated Michigan territory, whose citizens, including soldiers, at first, numbered just 4,762. Gabriel Godfrey, proprietor of the trading post, was followed in 1823 by Benjamin Woodruff who, along with several companions, established a small settlement on the river a mile south of the post and named it Woodruff’s Grove, the first settlement in Washtenaw County.

    In 1824, Father Gabriel Richard, Representative in Congress for the Michigan Territory, urged the building of a federal highway from Detroit to Chicago, to be known as the Chicago Road. In 1825, three prominent settlers, Judge Woodward, John Stewart and William Harwood, combined their own land to form the original plat for a new settlement at the crossing of the Huron River and Chicago Road. It was named after the Greek Patriot General Demetrius Ypsilanti. The city developed as stage coach stop, railway center for the trade between Chicago and Detroit.

    4.2 square miles
    22,362 (2000 census)
    Household Income
    $28,610 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
    Per Capita Income
    $13,559 (2000 Census in 1999 Dollars)
    Fun Facts 68% of commuters drove alone to work in 2000, up 3% in 10 years
    56 miles of streets (2.3 miles of freeway, 20 miles of major streets, 33 miles of local streets)
    11,956 registered voters
    Incorporated as a village in 1832
    Incorporated as a city in 1858

    Frog Island Music Festival Washtenaw Community College
    Eastern Michigan University Miller Motor Sales Museum
    Ypsi Auto, Truck and Fire Museum

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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