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Crown of Life Church & School $525,000

  • Sale Opportunity The property (4345 Ten Mile, Warren) is available for sale. The property includes the church building, parking lot, school and shed at the west side of the parking lot. The complete parcel is 1.94 acres including the grass northeast corner for expansion. The school section was built in 1945 with the church added in 1955.
    Sale Price $525,000
    Church, Fellowship Hall, and Classroom Description
    The sanctuary, fellowship hall, and classrooms total approx. 11,587 square feet.
    Sanctuary Description
    approx. 215 persons in pews, The sanctuary is approx. 68 ft by 28 ft . The pastor’s office is 14 ft x 16 ft and is adjacent to the altar. A balcony can house the sound board.
    Fellowship Hall Description
    Fellowship Hall
    50 ft by 48 ft at the south east corner of the building adjacent to the kitchen.
    Kitchen Area
    16 ft x 18 ft nest to the fellowship hall. The sinks and stove have been removed but the plumbing and electric remain in place for easy conversion from storage room to kitchen.
    10 classrooms are spread throughout the building. The classroom section has three large classrooms (22 ft by 16 ft and 26 ft by 16 ft)
    Handicap Access
    The school section, fellowship hall and kitchen are on zero grade (no steps) with handicap bathrooms. The sanctuary section has a handicap ramp for access.
    3 offices are located throughout the building. The pastor’s office is 14 ft by 16 ft. Multiple classrooms could be easily converted to offices.
    Circular Drive
    A circular drive is in front of the sanctuary, what a great way to add prestige to weddings and other important events.
    School Leaseback
    Crown of Life School is still in operation at the location. They would like to sell the property and lease the school section through the 2019-2020 school year.
    The grassy area on the northeast corner of the building (83 ft x 169 ft) is ready.
    Outdoor Storage
    A storage shed is located on the west end of the property. This a great place to store lawn mowers, snow throwers and other yard equipment.
    Parking Lot Size
    The on site parking lot has room for 84 cars.
    22,352 cars per day on 10 Mile(SEMCOG 2006)
    Heating and Cooling
    A boiler heats the church section and forced air furnaces heat and cool the school section.

  • Crown of Life Church/School : Utility Expense for 2016, 2017 and 2018

    2016($) 2017 ($)
    2018 ($)
    Natural Gas




    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by Crown of Life Church/School and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer.

  • City of Warren: Fact Sheet

    Warren was incorporated as a city in 1956. It is the third largest city in the state of Michigan. The two theories of the name Warren is that of honoring Joseph Warren, a casualty of the Battle of Bunker Hill or an itinerant preacher Able Warren. The original name was Aba but it was changed to Warren Township in 1839 and then Warren when incorporated as a city.
    34.5 square miles
    136,168 (2018 SEMCOG)
    Dwelling Units
    57,938 (2018 SEMCOG)
    Household Income
    $43,523 (SEMCOG 2015)
    Per Capita Income
    $22,226 (SEMCOG 2015)
    Services account for 46% of the total employment while manufacturing accounts for 32% of the total
    Median Housing Value
    $87,800 (ACS 2015)
    Median Age
    37.9 Years
    Warren is Third largest city in the State
    Slogan is City of Progress
    Largest Private Employers Daimler Chrysler
    General Motors Corporation
    Henry Ford Health System
    Detroit Medical Center
    American Axle

    Twenty Four City Owned Parks Detroit College of Business
    Five Libraries General Motors Tech Center
    Fischer Theatre Motown Museum
    African American Museum Detroit Institute of Arts
    Colleges & Universities
    Macomb Community College, Detroit College of Business, Central Michigan University

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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