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First Congregational Church of Romeo $1,600,000

  • Sale Opportunity The property is available for sale. The property includes the church building and parking lot to the west of the church  (and northwest of the church).  The sale does not include the museum building.
    Sale Price $1,600,000
    Church, Fellowship Hall, and Classroom Description
    The sanctuary, fellowship hall, and classrooms total approx. 28,000 square feet on two floors (built in two phases 1876 & 1965)
    approx. 250 persons on the first floor in the pews and altar. The sanctuary is approx. 72 ft by 60 ft. The balcony has two rows of pews and would be great for a sound board. The altar has pews for a choir of up to 25.  The sanctaury has beautiful wooden rafters with a 55 ft cathedral ceiling. 
      The chapel is located to west of the sanctuary and is 41 ft by 30 ft with a 20 ft ceiling.  It has nice touches like recessed lighting and a raised altar.
    Fellowship Hall 
    approx 70 ft by 49 ft with a separate set of bathrooms. The kitchen is adjacent. The fellowship hall is located beneath the sanctuary.        
    1 stove ( 3 ovens and 4 burners) and 5 sinks (kitchen is located adjacent to the fellowship hall). The overall size of the kitchen is approx. 23 ft. by 27 ft. The kitchen has full size refrigerators and freezers plus multiple cabinets for storage.
    Prominent location on the east side of the property at the Main Street entrance. 
    Handicap Access
    An entrance on the south side of the building provides access to a landing with an elevator.  The elevator provides access to the other levels of the building.  Small ramps are in place to accomodate varying elevations.  Multiple handicap bathrooms are located in the building.  
    7 classrooms are located throughout the building.  Three of the classrooms have their own bathroom.  Many of the classrooms can be divided into two classrooms if necessary.  An average classroom is 22 ft by 29 ft in size.  All the classrooms have natural light.                
    Multiple offices are located throughout the building. The pastor (14 ft by 17 ft) and church office (21 ft by 14 ft) .  Some of the offices could be converted to classrooms and vica versa.
    A memorial garden is located on the north side of the church.   
    Parking Lot Description
    The church has a parking lot to the immediate west of the property with 19 parking spaces and 2 handicap spaces.  A larger parking lot (135 ft by 155 ft) is to the northwest of the church building.  A shed (12 ft by 16 ft) is located in the northwest parking lot.  Overall, the parking lot accommodates 71 cars plus the street parking.
    Heating & Cooling
    The building has two boilers to heat the building with warm water radient heat.  The building has some window air conditioning units       .

  • First Congregational Church of Romeo Utility Expense for 2019 & 2020

     2019 ($)
    2020 ($)
    DTE Electric 4,435
    Water 776
    DTE Gas 8,319
    Total 13,530
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by First Congregational Church of Romeo    and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer.


Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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