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Jubilee Christian Center $975,000

  • Purchase Opportunity The church (32940 Schoolcraft, Livonia) of approx. 21,000 square feet is for sale.
    Physical Description Church (seating for 275, gym/fellowship hall, kitchen, offices, playground and classrooms).
    Sale Price $975,000
    Church, Gym/Fellowship Hall, Offices and Classrooms

    Sanctuary Description

    Sanctuary (approx. 55 ft by 47 ft) has 18 rows of 18 ft pews. The baptismal pool is located at the rear of the altar and changing rooms are located near the baptismal pool. Glass panels are at the rear of the sanctuary and the narthex is approx. 15 ft deep. The narthex could be used for overflow seating.

    Gym/Fellowship Hall

    The gym/fellowship hall is approx. 40 ft by 71 ft. The kitchen is adjacent to the gym. The gym has retractable basketball backboards and a wooden paneled ceiling. This room doubles as the fellowship hall.


    The kitchen (approx. 22 ft by 21 ft) is at the heart of every meal. It is located next to the gym with a serving window. The kitchen has 5 sinks and 2 stoves with 6 burners. Storage rooms are located next to the kitchen. An exterior doorway is nearby for deliveries.


    Seven offices are located throughout the building. The pastor’s office (12 ft by 14 ft) is located at the northeast corner of the building. The pastor’s office has its own half bath, secretarial pass through office and adjacent conference room.


    Eight classrooms are located throughout the building. The biggest classroom is approx. 28 ft by 35 ft. Another large classroom (approx. 28 ft by 31 ft) has its own half bath.

    Handicap Access

    The building has a zero grade access (no steps) on the east side. The second floor of the building is served by an elevator. Handicap bathrooms are located in the building.


    A playground (approx. 60 ft by 60 ft) is located on the north side of the property. It is fenced with a wood chip base.

    Heating and Cooling

    Multiple forced air furnaces and cooling units are located throughout the property. Two boilers provide base board heating system is in some parts of the building. The building is fully air conditioned.

    Traffic Count

    143,670 cars per day (SEMCOG 2009) along I-96, and 33,730 cars per day (SEMCOG 2009) along Farmington Road


    The parking lot contains 62 parking spaces. A circular drive wraps around the building and provides two curb cuts onto Schoolcraft Road. The parking lot also has access to the residential street to the north, Scone Street. The building has an attached two car garage.

  • LivoniaAerial
  • City of Livonia: Fact Sheet

    The name Livonia came from a province in what was Western Russia. It was brought to the United States in the 1700s when Livonia, New York was founded. In the 1790s, settlers from New York brought the name to Michigan.
    Livonia Township was organized in 1835 with exactly the same boundaries as today. Livonia was incorporated as a City on May 23, 1950.
    35.86 square miles
    100,545 (2000 census)
    Dwelling Units
    38,890 (2001 SEMCOG)
    State Equalized Valuation
    4,125,790,430 (1999)
    Household Income
    $48,645 (1990 Census in 1989 Dollars)
    Per Capita Income
    $19,145 (1990 Census in 1989 Dollars)
    Median Age
    36.30 yr.
    Government Structure
    Strong Mayor, Seven Member Council
    City Tree
    Almy Crab
    City Motto
    “People come first in Livonia”
    Livonia is
    2nd Largest City in Wayne County
    8th Largest City in Michigan
    Has the lowest City tax rate in Wayne County
    Has the 3rd highest State Equalized Value in the State
    The 5th safest City according to the FBI
    The 7th safest City according to Money Magazine
    The most kid friendly suburban City in the nation (1999)
    3rd Largest retail environment in Wayne County
    Top 10 manufacturing location
    5th Largest school district in the State
    The City of Livonia has 1,342 acres of parkland, 46 developed parks and 17 undeveloped parks.
    The City also offers the following activities:
    Ball Diamonds
    Tennis Courts
    Soccer Fields
    Bocci Ball Courts
    Sand Volley Ball Courts
    Indoor Pistol Range
    Archery Range
    Golf Courses
    Miles or Nature and Ski Trails
    Outdoor Swimming Pools
    Outdoor Inline Skating Areas
    Livonia Symphony
    Colleges & Universities
    Schoolcraft College
    Madonna University
    Northwood University
    Central Michigan University
    University of Phoenix

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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