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Minden City United Methodist Church $75,000

  • Minden City United Methodist Church: Offer Page

    Sale Opportunity The former Minden City United Methodist Church is a nice starter church ready for sale (1436 Main Street, Minden City).           
    Sale Price                  

    Church $75,000



    Church, Fellowship Hall, and Kitchen Description
    The church is approximately 2,600  (built 1952)   .  The main floor is the sanctuary and bathroom.  The lower level has the fellowship hall, kitchen and furnace. 
    Sanctuary Description
    Over 85 persons in pews (18 8 ft 8 inch pews).          The sanctuary is approx. 43 ft by 28 ft.The altar is on a slightly elevated platform.   
    The overall size of the kitchen is approx. 15 ft by 12 ft with a serving counter onto the fellowship hall. The kitchen has a full size refrigerator/freezer and two sinks.  The stoves has eight burners and two ovens.
    Fellowship Hall 
    approx 30 ft by 27  ft adjacent to the kitchen.  There are two staircases for ingress and egress from the lower level.         
    One single occupant bathroom is on the upper floor near the main entrance.                     
    Parking Description
    A cement parking lot (70 ft by 64 ft is on the east side of the church.  This could accomodate 15 cars.                                               
    Heating & Cooling 
    An oil burning furnace heats the building.  A window air-conditioning units was connected to the building duct work in the summer time.   Natural Gas is available to the property.
    Water & Sewer Connections 
        Municipal water and sewer service the property. 
    Conversion to a Home
    The church could easily be converted to a 1,200 square foot three or four bedroom home.         


  • Minden City United Methodist Church Utility Expense for 2019 & 2020

     2019 ($)
    2020 ($)
    DTE Electric 638
    DTE Gas
    Total 638
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by Minden City United Methodist Church    and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer.  The second lot has a Ready to Serve fee of $252 per year.  A church member donates the fuel oil for the building.  The church estimates that they use 100 gallons of fuel a year (they winterize the building during the week for the last couple of winters).


Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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