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Riverview Church of God $1,950/month

  • License Opportunity The church is available for license (rent) on a shared basis with the owner (15633 Pennsylvania, Riverview). The tenant would be able to start their services at different times on Sunday (depending upon the location in the building) and have a mid week service.
    License Price   Sanctuary $1,950 per month including utilities

    Fellowship Hall $1,700 per month including utilities

    Chapel $1,800 per month including utilities

    Children Chapel $1,600 per month including utilities

    Classrooms $1,200 per month including utilities

    Property Description
    The church is approx. 33,000 square feet in size with a parking lot for 300 cars in two lots
    Sanctuary Capacity
    900 persons (audience, choir stand, and balcony). The sanctuary is 91 ft by 55 ft with a baptismal pool at the back of the altar. Currently, the sanctuary is set up for 375 seats but more can be added.
    Choir Stand
    30 persons
    Handicap Access
    The building has a zero grade entrance to the main floor. An elevator on the south wing services those three floors. The west wing of the building does not have an elevator. A handicap bathroom is on the main floor.
    The kitchen has 2 sinks, with 2 stoves (8 burners), dishwasher and refrigerator/freezer. The overall size is 19 ft by 15 ft. The tenant can have a cabinet in the kitchen for storing their coffee and paper products. The kitchen opens onto the fellowship hall.
    Fellowship Hall
    The fellowship hall is approx. 85 ft by 33 ft and is adjacent to the kitchen. The fellowship hall could be used for services on Sunday. A licensee could set up the south end of the fellowship hall as their altar and would only have to arrange chairs for service.
    The chapel is 54 ft by 33 ft. A licensee could set up this room as their sanctuary and have sole use of this room. There is a small stage already constructed in the room.
    Children’s Church
    Located on the second floor of the west wing, this room is 34 ft by 22 ft. This area of the building does not have handicap access.


    Two separate classrooms are 28 ft by 13 ft can be used for sole use by a licensee. There are multiple smaller classrooms that can be used by the licensee for their church’s children.
    Parking Lot Description
    300 parking spaces surround the property on three sides.
    Heating & Cooling
    The building has forced air furnaces and a boiler for heat. The building is fully air-conditioned.
    Traffic Count
    14,250 vehicles over a 24 hour period (SEMCOG 2006)

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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