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St Ephraim Knanaya Church $1,800/month

  • Lease Opportunity The property is available for Lease on a shared basis.   The building (990 East Lincoln, Madison Heights ) is over 5,000 square feet on one floor.                                        
    Lease Price $1,800 to $2,200 per month depending upon location and time of use in the building.  Prime time church services on Sunday morning are possible in this location.  
    Church, Fellowship Hall, and Classroom Description
    The sanctuary, fellowship hall, chapel, and classrooms total over 5,000 square feet on one floor 
    Sanctuary/Fellowship Hall Description
    Room is approximately   60 ft by 31 ft 

    The room has a platform (9 ft by 20 ft) that can be used as an altar.  The room can double as a fellowship hall.  A renter could leave their set up on the altar in place during the week. 

    Fellowship Hall
    This is part of the sanctuary/fellowship hall.  
    Kitchen Area
    Adjacent to the fellowship hall (14  ft by 20 ft) with refrigerator and freezer. The kitchen has 3 sinks, 8 burners, and 2 ovens   .  Renters can store their paper products/coffee in the kitchen.
    Building Access and  Service Times 
    Renters can access this section for their services any time on Sunday or for evening mid-week services.   
    Handicap Access
    There is a handicap ramp to the rear of the building.  The building is on one floor.       
    There are two classrooms on the southeast corner of the building.  The clasrooms are 16 ft by 20 ft and 15 ft by 15 ft.    
    Owner’s Sanctuary and Apartment 
    The owner has exclusive use of the west end of the building.
    Parking Lot Description
    The on site parking lot has room for 37 cars with an addiitonal 3 handicap parking spaces.
     A playground and picnic area is on the east side of the property. 
    The building has forced air heat and the complete building is air-conditioned.      
    Freeway Access
    The building is within a mile of I-75 and I-696.  This is a great location to serve a huge amount of metro Detroit in a 30 minute radius of driving.   


Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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