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State Street United Methodist Church $249,000

  • Purchase Opportunity The church (3617 Mackinaw, Saginaw) of approx. 17,200 square feet is on two floors is for sale (the property is located on the west side of Mackinaw Street).
    Physical Description Church (seating for 275, gym/fellowship hall, kitchen, offices, playground and classrooms).
    Sale Price $249,000
    Church, Gym/Fellowship Hall, Offices and Classrooms
    Sanctuary Description
    Sanctuary (approx. 67 ft by 50 ft) has 13 rows of 14 ft pews. There is room for 20 in seats on the altar for a choir stand. The balcony has six 16 ft pews and is a great area to place a sound board. The narthex is 22 ft by 25 ft and would be an awesome overflow space for Christmas & Easter services.
    Fellowship Hall
    The fellowship hall is approx. 65 ft by 33 ft and has a kitchen on one end and stage on the other. A serving window and door connect the kitchen to the fellowship hall.
    The kitchen (approx. 34 ft by 15 ft) is at the heart of every meal. It is located next to the fellowship hall with a serving window. The kitchen has 5 sinks and 4 stoves with 10 burners. A commercial dishwasher makes cleaning up easier.
    The church offices are on the north end of the building. Two separate entrances provide a business atmosphere during the weekday office hours. Large conference rooms are part of the office wing.
    Nine classrooms are located throughout the building. Some of the classrooms can be divided into two. They have a classroom arranged for a choir, nursery, elementary, teen and high school rooms.
    Handicap Access
    The building has a zero grade access (no steps) for the entrances.  Multiple handicap spaces are adjacent to the church.   The majority of the building is on the main floor. An elevator provides access to the upper and lower floors.
    A storage shed is located on the northwest corner of the property.
    Heating and Cooling
    Twelve forced air furnaces heat and cool the building.
    Traffic Flow
    The property is located on the end cap of a block formed by Davenport Ave, Mackinaw & State Street. It has access to Davenport and Mackinaw.
    The parking lot contains 62 parking spaces in the primary parking lot (adjacent to the church).
    We have a Sunday afternoon church (Church in Drive) that rents at the property.


  • State Street United Methodist Church: Utility Expense for 2017/2018

    2017 ($)
    2018 ($)
    Consumers Power (gas)
    DTE (electric)
    Actual Expenses will be determined by the actual use of any given church. The above represents the use by State Street United Methodist Church and the expenses incurred by the buyer will be unique to that buyer.  The church installed more energy efficient lighting in 2018.

Agent Information

Bill Skubik
  • Office: (734) 604-6222
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